Relatives traveled here to pack up Andy Pavlovec's belongings Wednesday. While doing so, they unpacked three decades' worth of warm memories of him.

There were the high school years at Turkey Valley, when Pavlovec was a class cutup, once wearing the same shirt five days in a row to show what he thought of the peer pressure to be fashionable.

There was a bicycle ride across the state that saw Pavlovec and his childhood buddy repeatedly being separated, only to have a hug-filled reunion in the evenings.


Pavlovec, an avid bicyclist, was on a morning journey heading south on 12th Avenue in Coralville, just before 6 a.m. April 7, when he was rear-ended by a car near Belmont Drive. It was raining at the time, Coralville Police Chief Shane Kron said.

The police department isn't releasing additional information at this time, butis investigating the incident. The driver was 16 years old.

Crash Date: April 7th 2021







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