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  • Mon April 26 2021
  • Posted May 16, 2021

Mcguirk says, at the Iowa City Bike Library, they wanted to turn more than just wheels, but also get minds rolling, more recently when it comes to social justice issues. That’s the point of their new “Raise up the Route” Series”. “We had the idea about a year ago,” said Sara Mcguirk, Volunteer Coordinator.

“It’s a ride that’s developed to raise up voices in the black community in Iowa City,” said Mcguirk. “And learn about stories in this community that plenty of people do not know exist.” “Questions like, why is this system in place, and how might I be complicit in this system,” she said.

Riders will be able to hear interviews with people involved with the sites or exhibits to bring up questions for riders to think about. It’s also an opportunity to educate on the history of systemic oppression.

“When they arrive at the checkpoints, there will be these apparatuses where they can just push a button or wave their hand and listen to what were calling, an audio-guided education podcast,” Mcguirk said. It’s an audio-guided tour to take people by black-owned businesses, and also, through black historical sites and other destinations like the South District Mural.

The grant of $4,000 from the Human Rights Commission is paying for the ride. Five other nonprofits also got money. “And where people were basically shut out off being allowed to live,” she added.






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