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  • Posted Mar 8, 2022
per a Kyle's Bikes Facebook post on March 8th 2022

March 1st 2022 the Robinson family purchased the Havlik family’s cycling passion.

The everything cycling related store (Bike Country) on east 1st Street in Ankeny. Owned/managed/celebrated by Gordon (owner) and Leanne (mgr) and family for almost 40yrs. Retirement well earned.

Our sincere thanks for choosing us to carry on with the passion for community and cycling in the great city of Ankeny.

Lots of questions exist in this venture. As for now we truly are trying to figure it out. Things like what’s the name going to be and will Trek be our brand, oh and where are the light switch’s. There are choices big and small but rest assured Kyle and crew know their stuff and will…..make good choices because we love bikes and the people that ride them!

More to come……


Two Congratulations are in order here:
#1 CONGRATS to Gordon and Leanne for growing a successful bicycle shop in Ankeny for 38+ years. They have been a RAGBRAI shop since 1984!
#2 CONGRATS to Kyle and his crew at Kyle's Bikes for taking over where Gordon and Leanne left off. Kyle has been in the bicycle business just as long and opened his Ankeny store in 2008.

Both shops have been long-term BIKEIOWA Sponsors
We look forward to the new space with the Robinson family and we wish Gordon and Leanne a GREAT retirement !!!


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