• Logan Mantz
  • Fri May 06 2022
  • Posted May 13, 2022

For those wanting to use the Raccoon River Valley Trail in Guthrie County there will be some area work to watch out for next week.

Guthrie County Conservation Director Brad Halterman says that the trail will have maintenance done from Yale north to the Greene County line and then after that they will work from Yale south to the Dallas County line. Halterman explains the trail will still be open to the public.

“So we will be out there and crews will be out there, we’re going to be patching cracks. The trail will not be closed, it will still be open. The product we are applying to the cracks, patching those up, dries pretty quick.”

Halterman says that they will have machinery working so people need to use caution when on the trail from May 9-13th.

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