• Tue May 17 2022
  • Posted May 17, 2022

Trysten Armstrong, age 11, of Bloomfield suffered abrasions to his face, arms, and legs Monday, May 9, when his bicycle was struck by a Dodge Journey SUV driven by Maria Shafranek, 19, of Milton at the intersection of Jefferson and Pine Streets.

Armstrong was traveling south on Pine Street and had just entered the intersection of Pine and Jefferson when Shafranek, who was traveling west on Jefferson Street, crested the hill and struck the rear tire of the bicycle in the middle of the intersection.

Shafranek reported the accident, saying she had hit a juvenile male on a bicycle at the intersection. Officer Andrew Teeter arrived on the scene to find Armstrong being assisted by Davis County EMS.

Teeter said he observed minimal damage to the lower driver’s side bumper of the SUV, but noticed the bicycle’s rear wheel was almost bent in half.

According to Teeter, a passenger in Shafranek’s vehicle stated she believed Shafranek was exceeding the posted speed limit of 25, but was unsure how fast she was traveling. The passenger said she thought Shafranek saw Armstrong and believed there was plenty of room to either slow down or avoid the collision.

Shafranek stated she did not see Armstrong on the bicycle until the point of collision. Shafranek stated she may have been traveling above the posted speed limit, but was unsure.

She was cited for steering too closely to a bicycle.


Crash Date: May 9th 2022






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