Part of the Register’s evolving plans to honor RAGBRAI in its 50th year is a documentary project that was filmed this summer. Incorporating stories from riders who answered Crowder’s request for what she calls “RAGBRAI moments,” the film will also focus on at least one community’s planners - in order, Crowder says, “to show the impact that RAGBRAI can, and does, have on rural Iowa.”

And so it happened that Crowder - one of the film’s producers - and her camera crew came to Lansing this summer to interview two of the principal planners of Lansing RAGBRAI 2022, Ian Zahren and his husband, Andrew Boddicker.

“Not only are Andrew and Ian dynamic personalities, but after living in big cities, both domestically and abroad, they made the conscious decision to move back to rural Iowa to begin their married lives,” Crowder says. “Their dedication to building bridges within the Lansing community to ensure its stability and growth for the future makes them great representatives for the power RAGBRAI can have at a local level.”

As for Lansing, itself, Crowder says it’s “an incredible place, and the community certainly put its best foot forward during this summer’s RAGBRAI. We had the pleasure of attending a planning meeting as well as interviewing Andrew and Ian separately and together. We are still going through footage and storyboarding how their portion will fit in with the completed documentary.”






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