• Fri January 27 2023
  • Posted Jan 27, 2023
Criag Dalton started the Gravel Ride Podcast where he, as he says in his podcast introduction, goes deep on the sport of gravel cycling through in-depth interviews with product designers, event organizers and athletes who are pioneering the sport. Dalton, a lifelong cyclist who discovered gravel cycling back in 2016 and his co-host Randal Jacobs, a cycling industry insider, publish the Gravel Ride Podcast each week as well as manage a gravel cycling community known as The Ridership. Tune in to the Gravel Ride Podcast on your favorite podcast platform or online at You can join the Ridership for free by registering at

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Register for the Driftless 100 today! 100, 60 & 30-mile options of beautiful Northeast Iowa gravel. August 29 in Elkader.

Thanks to for being the online host of Bike Talk with Dave - is your one stop shop with an incredible event calendar, as well as news, information and trails in Iowa and around the midwest! New events are added every week - if you’re an event director, make sure and upload your information as soon as you can to and get your event in the calendar! Wondering how to upload your event? Instructions are available here.






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