• Cleo Westin
  • Wed February 01 2023
  • Posted Feb 9, 2023

The Ames City Council reviewed recent survey results showing that Ames residents do not feel safe with current bike lane conditions.

The survey, conducted by the city, is in conjunction with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan which aims to make multimodal forms of transportation more viable and safe across Ames. However, council members found that the data largely missed Iowa State students and underrepresented ethnic groups.


The council received public feedback on revision of the vision of the plan: “Ames is a place where walking, biking, and rolling is safe, comfortable, enjoyable, convenient and available to everyone — regardless of age, ability, identity, race or economic status.”

Betcher, who is also an English professor at Iowa State, had some grammatical concerns about the revised vision.

“I got hung up on the ‘is safe’ because walking, biking and rolling is a compound subject, which means there are multiple modes and it’s a singular verb,” Betcher said. “It drives me nuts to see that — shouldn’t it be ‘are safe?’”





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