Friday is National Bike to Work Day. The Des Moines Metro is uniquely set up for biking to work due to the expansive trail system that runs throughout it.

Mark Wyatt, the Executive Director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, said that before biking to work, it’s important to consider safety.


“I think the big key is to be predictable. You’re on a vehicle and you should act like you’re traffic. That means obeying signals, that means being visible to other motorists. Even if you’re using trails you need to try to follow the traffic rules and be predictable as it goes,” Wyatt said.

Wyatt said that biking to work is easy to do, and has many benefits.

“Start with baby steps, try it one day during the week. That’s what Bike to Work Week is great for and then try it again and again and again until it becomes a habit, I think it’s incredible habit forming to bike to and from work,” Wyatt said.

To learn more about biking to work and bike safety visit the Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s website.

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