• Linh Ta
  • Fri June 02 2023
  • Posted Jun 2

There was one fatal bicycle crash on average for every million Des Moines residents between 2017-2021, per data from the League of American Bicyclists via National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It's the same local fatality level as 2012-2016.

  • The figure is based on Des Moines' approximate 215,000 residents.

Zoom out: There were 2.7 fatal bicycle crashes on average for every million U.S. residents between 2017-2021 — up 5% from 2012-2016, writes Axios’ Alex Fitzpatrick.

  • New Orleans (9.9), Tucson (8.9) and Jacksonville (7.9) had the country's highest rates of fatal accidents per million residents.
  • Des Moines has one of the lowest fatality rates for major U.S. metros.

The big picture: Some of the biggest causes of bicycle fatalities in Iowa are cars overtaking and hitting cyclists from behind and distracted driving, according to the University of Iowa.

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