The Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa is still over a month away, but a group of riders will make an early trek along the entire route beginning this weekend in Sioux City, the starting point for this year’s event.

Sergeant Mark Huberty, of the Sioux City Police Department, says a group of riders will begin a preview ride of the RAGBRAI route on Sunday morning that will be used by thousands of riders in July.

“This is some of the people that are setting up the ride,” Huberty says. “They’re going to ride the whole trail across Iowa. They’ll be starting here in Sioux City. Expected 10 to 15 bikes. Sounds like they’re gonna be starting in Leeds area, so if you see those guys out early Sunday morning, please give them some room also.”

Those riders will pedal the entire RAGBRAI route in the upcoming week, checking it out ahead of the annual bike ride across Iowa.

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