• Posted Jan 26, 2015
After patiently waiting 364 days finally Triple D 2015 had arrived. After my first ride in 2014 I knew I would be back this year. Triple D is a 100k fat-bike race filled with fun and adventure. Lance Andre is the mad-man behind the organized chaos and really knows what it takes to put on a banging race. There are open bar tabs at stops, pizza galore, and a great award/closing ceremony. To top it all off the race is by no means easy, and believe me I have attempted so pretty hairbrained things on bicycles.

Let’s set the scene. It January 18th in Dubuque, IA. The sun is shining, birds singing, the snow is melting and I am worried about overheating. That is not how you want to start a fat-bike race. The previous year there was nearly 9 inches of snow.

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(photo by Amber Bettcher)



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