• Posted Sep 21, 2022

From the Crandic Racing "Cross Words" Blog ~ John Stonebarger


Capital City Cross was one of the first cyclocross races in Iowa. Now the progeny of BIKEIOWA Racing Team and located in Stone Park in Des Moines, the race has been around forever. ?And yet its organizers aren't satisfied doing the same old. In fact, this year Capital City Cross will feature two days of racing with four different events at two separate venues.

For starters, for 2022 Midstate Racing has joined forces with BIKEIOWA for the weekend. The bad news is that means no Midstate cyclocross race the following weekend. The good news is that the weekend of September 24 & 25 has an awful lot going on.
Saturday at Stone Park will be Capital City Cross and a special Single Speed Extravaganza -- CCXSSX -- an "eliminator race" for a sweet winner-takes-all pot of $1,000. Sunday at Mullets in Des Moines will be two unsanctioned race events, A/B Short Track cyclocross races and RELAYCROSSbenefitting the Des Moines Street Collective.

"Much of the thought behind "unsanctioned Sunday" was because Iowa does not have many USA Cycling officials these days," said BIKEIOWA's Scott Sumpter. "So we'll officiate Sunday on our own, plus the fun aspect of RELAYCROSS will bring a lot more folks to the event."?
The collaboration with Midstate is, in part, down to the shortage of officials, and in part down to the lack of a firm venue for a separate Midstate weekend. "We all believe that a few quality races can supersede quantity (weekly races with smaller turnouts).


"Did you see the $1,000 payout for the last race on Sat? The CCXSSX? I would guess this is the highest paying race for single-speeds maybe in the USA this year! It should be a great draw for folks and hopefully bring some out-of-state talent." As if that's not enough, one of the event's sponsors, Quality Consulting, Inc, is also putting up four $100 primes -- one for each of the first four of five laps.

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