• Posted Oct 20, 2022

From the Crandic Racing "Cross Words" Blog ~ John Stonebarger

BIKEIOWA NOTE - We are late posting this, but wanted to have it up regardless for history!

No doubt we'll miss Jingle Cross this year, but in its place we have two local Iowa City races for what looks like a wonder weekend of cyclocross.
This Saturday is City Park Cyclocross, the second edition of one of the most grassroots events imaginable. And Sunday is the return of Bobbers Cross, "The best little 'cross race in Johnson County," complete with the marina backdrop, volleyball sandpit, and beer garden finish.


City Park Cyclocross grew out of Community Cross, the weeknight training race in Upper City Park organized recently by Goosetown Racing Club and part of the Chamois Time race series before that.
With each passing year Iowa City has become more comfortable with the prospect of cyclocross in City Park.


Crowd favorite Bobbers Cross has been off and on for the last few years. We missed it in 2020 for the pandemic, of course. But also in 2018 after widespread flooding put most of Scales Pointe under water.





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