The Ride of Silence is to HONOR and pay respect to those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways. It exists also To RAISE AWARENESS that we are here and we have a legal right to ride on the roads. Please SHARE THE ROAD.

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  Injured 6/9/2024Unknown Female Child5RuthvenIA
A five-year-old Ruthven girl was air-lifted to Sioux Falls Sunday after a hit-and-run accident. She was riding her bicycle east on Carr Street around 6:30pm and was struck by 22-year-old Laticia Whiting of Estherville. The accident report says Whiting was Westbound on the street, crossed into the oncoming lane, struck the girl, and fled. She was arrested last night by police in Spirit Lake. Whiting was charged with: Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in serious injury; driving on the wrong side; open container; and failure to prove financial liability. The girl was taken to the hospital and he condition was unknown.
  Injured 6/3/2024Esed Abdagic WaterlooIA
The driver, Ruthie Frizell, was crossing W. 6th after her light turned green when Esed Abdagic biked into the intersection. Ruthie hit Esed. Esed was taken to MercyOne with a brain bleed. Traffic cameras and determined Esed was at fault for the accident, crossing the intersection while the “don’t walk” signal was on. Frizell was not charged.
  Injured 5/18/2024Unknown Male Child Cedar FallsIA
A child was struck by a car while riding his bicycle in Cedar Falls around noon at the intersection of Hudson Road and Greenhill. The child was riding his bicycle with his family when he began crossing Greenhill Road. A car on Hudson Road turning onto Greenhill hit the boy on his bike. The boy was taken to a local hospital for treatment. His condition is not being released. Investigators later found the car and driver. No charges have been filed but the investigation is ongoing.
  Injured 5/4/2024Unknown Male Council BluffsIA
A driver collided with a male bicyclist in the 2800 block of 5th AVE at approximately 3:35am. Council Bluffs Police and Fire Dpt responded to the scene to provide aid. The extent of the cyclist’s injuries has not been disclosed. The investigation is ongoing.
  Injured 4/29/2024Z.K.7WestsideIA
66-year-old John Michael McGuire of Somers, was traveling eastbound on the highway and towing a car trailer. He slowed down after seeing two children riding bicycles on the south side of the highway. As the truck passed, one of the kids, identified as seven-year-old Z.K., entered the roadway and got between the truck and trailer. The boy was transported the hospital with serious, but not-life-threatening, injuries. The boy was later airlifted to a Des Moines hospital for treatment of a broken femur. The child is now back home and is recovering. A witness that had dash cam video, that captured the incident on camera. No charges filed.
  Injured 4/24/2024Unknown Cyclist Des MoinesIA
A Cyclist was hit in a crosswalk shortly after 4 p.m. in the area of Martin Luther King Junior Parkway and Water Street in Des Moines. That area was under road construction and the driver stated they did not see the cyclist in the crosswalk. The cyclist was taken to the hospital with non-serious injuries. This crash happened less than a week after the Crosswalk Protection Bill passed Iowa Senate giving cyclists more protections while in a cross walk. Crosswalk Protection Bill goes into effect July 1st 2024.
  Injured 4/17/2024Unkown Male DavenportIA
Davenport police responded at 1 am to Lombard and Hickory Grove Road in Davenport for a crash involving a bicyclist. A man was taken to an area hospital by Medic EMS for treatment. Police said the investigation is ongoing. No other details.
  Injured 4/4/2024Peter Hamill78SheldonIA
Peter was cycling east on 16th Street south of Sheldon when he was struck from behind by 30-year-old Alexandra Ann Fischer of Archer. Peter was thrown from the bicycle onto the shoulder of the road. Peter was transported to the hospital with serious/incapacitating injuries. the driver stated she never saw the cyclist. Hamill was wearing a helmet, and his bicycle had front and rear flashing lights. Fischer was cited for operating vehicle too close to a bicyclist.
  Injured 3/20/2024Unknown Male49Fort MadisonIA
Just before 7 pm, a 49-year-old man from Fort Madison was hit by an SUV traveling westbound on M ave in a residential neighborhood. Authorities say the bicyclist bypassed a stop sign before being hit by the truck and sustained leg and head trauma. A nurse happened to be at the scene was able to apply a tourniquet to the man’s injuries and the driver of the truck called 911. The driver was NOT under the influence of alcohol/drugs/meds. The police report indicated that the driver's vision was impaired from the sun. The cyclist WAS under the influence of drugs/meds and the police report indicated that the cyclist was "Riding on the wrong side of the road". The cyclist appears at-fault in this crash with riding and turning on the wrong side of the road and under the influence. No charges have been file and probably will not.
  Injured 3/15/2024Unknown Male Waukee IA
A semi was stopped at the stoplight at the West edge of Waukee. When the light turned green, the truck began their turn West onto Hickman Road. At the same time a cyclist was crossing the intersection, traveling eastbound on the trail. The semi driver didn’t see the cyclist and hit the individual. The cyclist ended up under the semi and was pulled out by bystanders. Police said the bicyclist suffered serious injuries and was transported to a hospital. The crash is under investigation.
  Injured 3/13/2024Unknown Female20Cedar FallsIA
A 20-year-old woman on a bicycle suffered life-threatening injuries at approx. 3:40 pm after being hit by a pickup truck on a trail at the entrance of Pheasant Ridge Golf Course. The pickup left the roadway and hit the eastbound cyclist, several signs and a tree on the bike path. the driver was swerving to avoid rear-ending a vehicle turning left into the golf course. The cyclist was taken to the hospital and the driver not issued a citation at that time as officers continued to investigate.
  Killed 3/12/2024Gage Williams27DavenportIA
Gage was struck on North Division Street in Davenport. He died on the scene. The driver was an un-named 54-year-old male. The Davenport Police Department Traffic Safety Unit is investigating the crash.
  Injured 3/5/2024unknown FairbankIA
A bicyclist was struck from behind on Fairbank-Amish Blvd near Fairbank in Buchanan County around 2pm on Tuesday afternoon. The cyclist was airlifted to the hospital. No mention of the cyclists name, their or injuries or if charges were filed.
  Injured 2/22/2024Unknown67Rock IslandIL
A 67-year-old bicyclist was stuck by a 21 year old driver who was eluding police going East onto Blackhawk Road in Rock Island, IL. the cyclist was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. The driver faces charges of aggravated fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, and failure to report an accident causing great bodily harm.
  Killed 1/31/2024Wayne Hayes69Guthrie CenterIA
Wayne was hit from behind, by 83-year-old Francis Flanery of Panora, while riding on east of Guthrie Center on Highway 44 around 5:30 pm. Wayne was transported to the hospital where he later died from injuries. The ISP is continuing to investigate the crash.
  Injured 11/12/2023Unknown Male7WilliamsburgIA
A 7-year-old boy sustained serious injuries when he was hit by a truck at an intersection in Williamsburg. Kyle Michael O’Neill, 26, was driving southbound on Kenton Way about 1:30 pm. The driver saw several kids on bicycles and slowed to 15mph but still hit a boy as the boy ran the stop sign. The boy suffered a brain bleed, a severe concussion and injuries to his pelvis, No other updates.
  Injured 10/14/2023Unknown Male13West PointIA
A 13-year-old boy was clipped by the sideview mirror of a passing pickup truck heading in the same direction at 11:40 a.m. along 5th Street in West Point. The contact with the truck caused the boy to fall from his bike into the path of the trailer that was being pulled behind the pickup and the trailer ran him over. The boy suffered serious injuries and was airlifted for treatment No updates.
  Injured 9/21/2023Unknown Female12WaukeeIA
A 12-year-old girl was hit by a vehicle in a roundabout just north of Waukee Middle School around 7:40 am. The driver of the car was a 15-year-old girl. Paramedics took the girl to Blank Children's Hospital. She's expected to be okay. No updates.
  Injured 9/14/2023Emily Buttshaw41HamptonIA
Emily Buttshaw, 41 was struck from behind by an SUV north of Hampton around 7:43 pm on Olive Avenue. Ted Porter Hughes, 73 of Sheffield, was driving north and heading up a hill when he struck the Emily. Emily was life-flighted to MercyOne. The crash is under investigation.
  Injured 9/5/2023Unknown  Des MoinesIA
A cyclist, riding down the sidewalk, hit the side of the truck when the cyclist did not stop at the intersection of 2nd Ave and Univ Ave. The bicycle became lodged underneath the truck. Police say the cyclist was not seriously hurt. No updates.
  Killed 8/30/2023John Rice87La Porte CityIA
John Rice, 87, from Dysart died after being hit by a car on Highway 218 south of La Porte City just before 2:30 p.m. Both the cyclist and the car were traveling southbound. Rice died at the scene. No details on charges.
  Injured 8/24/2023Peter Brummel77HullIA
Peter, 77, was riding northbound on Chestnut Street in Hull he was making a left hand turn at the same time that Barret Bleeker, age 17 was attempting to pass Peter. Peter transported to the hospital for his injuries.
  Killed 8/12/2023Unknown Male6Guthrie CenterIA
A 6-year-old boy died after being hit by a car at 9 am on Saturday morning as the car was backing out of a driveway on 170th Street. The can ran over the boy as he entered the car's blind spot. The driver attempted life-saving measures until first responders arrived. However, the boy was later pronounced dead at the scene.
  Injured 8/12/2023Unknown8GliddenIA
A 8 year old child was hit by a truck on Colorado Street in Glidden. The boy rode out into the street in front of the pickup. The truck hit the child, causing serious injuries. The child was transported to Blank Children's Hospital via Life Flight.
  Injured 8/10/2023Unkown Female9MarshalltownIA
A 9-year-old girl was hit in a residential neighborhood in Marshalltown at 1:20 p.m. near the intersection of N. 6th Avenue and Union Street. The girl suffered lower body injuries and was transported to the Hospital with serious injuries. The driver left the scene and returned hours later and cooperated with officials. Police say there's no indication of impaired driving or substance abuse. A month later, Carlos Cancino-Valdez, 57, of Marshalltown, was charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in serious injury.
  Injured 8/8/2023Unknown Female13DubuqueIA
A 13-year-old girl riding on Grandview Avenue in Dubuque when she was hit by 57-year-old William Rigdon of Wisconsin who was charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian. No word on the girl's condition.
  Killed 7/5/2023De'Wayne Cole40Des MoinesIA
De'Wayne was riding west on Pioneer Road in DSM shortly after 4 pm where he was struck by a pickup when he failed to yield at a stop sign at SE 6th Street. First responders and attended to Cole's serious injuries. Cole was transported to the hospital where he later died. No updates.
  Injured 6/15/2023Nancy Henggeler WintersetIA
Nancy was riding on the shoulder on Hwy 92 near Winterset when she heard a truck coming up behind her. Then she heard a big ‘boom’ and felt pain in her shoulder. Nancy pulled off to the side of the road and she watched the truck slow down, then take off again as their sideview mirror fell off. She picked up the mirror and called police. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office hoped the mirror will lead them to a suspect. No updates.
  Killed 5/31/2023Gregory Hardy64Des MoinesIA
Greg was traveling eastbound on the Chichaqua Valley Trail, crossing NE 64th Street, when he was struck by a vehicle traveling southbound. Gregory was taken to an area hospital, but later died from his injuries. No updates.
  Injured 2/2/2023Unknown Fort DodgeIA
An unknown cyclist was going south on 18th Street and ran into the side of the Chrysler minivan, which was westbound on 3rd Ave So. around 12:20 pm. the cyclist was taken to the hospital. No word on injuries or charges.
  Killed 12/26/2022Phillip Watterson27CherokeeIA
Phillip Watterson, 27, of Cherokee, was the victim of a hit-and-run crash in Cherokee around 8:30 pm near the Cherokee County Courthouse happened at 8:30pm on a Monday evening. A suspect was identified, but charges had not been filed as evidence was gathered from the scene and suspect’s vehicle. No Updates on the cyclist's identity, the driver or the investigation.
  Injured 10/25/2022Larry Wrede Lone TreeIA
Larry Wrede was riding in the eastbound lane of Highway 22 near Lone Tree around 8pm when a driver struck Larry from behind and immediately stopped at the scene. Wrede suffered trauma to his face and rear skull, and was transportedn to the ER in Iowa City. Larry did not have any illuminating lights on his bicycle and the driver did not see him. No citations were issued.
  Injured 10/22/2022Claudio Verzilli KnoxvilleIA
Claudio Verzilli was struck from behind on a rural road east of Knoxville. Claudio suffered serious injuries and the driver fled the scene. Claudio didn't remember getting hit. Two days later, Susan Visser came to the police station two days later and admitted to hitting Claudio. No other details.
  Injured 10/22/2022Angela Stanford  IndianolaIA
Angela was struck by a construction truck south of Indianola on Highway 69 near the entrance to Lake Ahquabi. She spent two weeks in the hospital and was immobile for 2 months. She is now back on her (new) bike and is looking forward to her 21st RAGBRAI this summer.
  Killed 10/19/2022Clark Pfeiferling57KeokukIA
57-year-old Clark E Pfeiferling, was riding westbound on South 7th Street in Keokuk at 6pm when he was struck from behind by 70-year-old Sharon L. Robey. Robey stopped the truck with Pfeiferling’s bike under the front right tire of the pickup. Clark was taken to an area hospital where he died from his injuries.
  Injured 10/4/2022Greg Lage Des MoinesIA
Greg Lage, a teacher and coach at Ankeny High School, crashed on gravel near Birdland Marina. A passing police officer spotted Greg lying on a trail and called 911. When Greg stopped breathing, one officer performed CPR until EMTs arrived. Greg remains hospitalized at MercyOne in Des Moines in critical condition with brain injuries. UPDATE 11/11/22 - Greg awoke from a three-week-long coma and was able to leave the hospital. He started a long rehabilitation process at On With Life in Ankeny.
  Injured 9/30/2022Unknown Person ArgyleIA
A hit & run driver struck a bicyclist on Highway 27 south of Argyle. The vehicle left the scene and is believed to have been a 2005-10 Hyundai Sonata. The cyclist was in stable condition but suffered serious injuries. The vehicle would be missing a passenger side mirror. No updates.
  Killed 9/21/2022John Forrest67ClintonIA
67-year-old John W. Forrest was riding Waller Road near Clinton around 4pm when he was struck from behind by 35-year-old Cyle Roos of Long Grove, Iowa. Forrest was taken a hospital and later died of his injuries. John lived and worked in Clinton the majority of his adult life. Many people recognized John from his daily walks and riding his bicycle in the area. The investigation was ongoing.
  Injured 9/20/2022Michael Ahlers59SheldonIA
59-year-old Michael Ahlers riding a bicycle westbound on 280th Street (4 miles north of Sheldon) when he was struck from behind by 55-year-old Douglas Roth of George IA around 5:20 pm. Michael was transported to the hospital for treatment. His condition are unknown. Roth was cited for operating a motor vehicle without insurance and operating a motor vehicle too close to a bicyclist. $5500 in damages to the bicycle.
  Injured 9/19/2022West Dawson JohnstonIA
Urbandale Police Officer, West Dawson was riding after he taught a bicycle training session in Johnston when a large deer appeared on a downhill section on the trail in his path. The officer and the deer collided and tumbled down the hill. Dawson and the deer were injured but both walked away from the crash. Dawson credits his bike helmet with preventing more serious injuries.
  Injured 9/19/2022Unknown Person BettendorfIA
A student was riding a bike at the Bettendorf middle school and cut in front of a school bus that was driving in the designated drop off lane. The bus was reportedly able to stop, but still hit the student and the bike. The student sustained minor injuries and was able to attend class afterwards. No charges will be filed regarding this incident.
  Injured 9/17/2022Unknown Male9Council BluffsIA
A 9-year-old boy was traveling northbound and he was struck by a vehicle traveling westbound Saturday evening. The boy was transported to a Medical Center for treatment of his injuries. The crash was under investigation
  Injured 9/4/2022Unknown Male Des MoinesIA
An unknown cyclist was riding southbound in the curb lane on Hubbel Ave at approx 2:45am when we he struck from behind by a 24-year-old Des Moines resident. The cyclist sustained serious injuries. The driver of the vehicle showed signs of impairment and the cyclist had no lights. The investigation was ongoing and charges were pending.
  Injured 8/28/2022Unknown Male15BettendorfIA
Two bicyclists were traveling crossing Devils Glen Rd. when a car waiting to turn at the intersection during a green light hit one of the bicyclists in the crosswalk. The male bicyclist received minor injuries in the accident. Police say the driver of the vehicle stayed at the scene and cooperated with the investigation.
  Injured 8/13/2022Michell Thornton Skogerson West Des MoinesIA
Michelle was struck by a car on RP True Parkway around 8pm. The driver stopped to see iof she was OK. She said "no, I am not OK. You hit me" and then the driver left the scene. Michelle went to the ER for minor injuires. No updates since.
  Injured 7/24/2022Ed Husar Des MoinesIA
Ed was stuck by a car when it turned into a dedicated bike lane without looking. Ed hit the car and sent him 15 feet onto the pavement with scraped knees, elbows and knuckles. No word if the driver stopped. Ed said he was Ok, just sore.
  Injured 7/21/2022Michael Huizenga12Orange CityIA
12-year-old Michael Huizenga rode his bike into the street in front of 65-year-old Barbara Van Beek. There was no crosswalk and Barbara tried to top before colliding with Michael. Michael was transported to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.
  Injured 7/21/2022Barbara Ellen Gartner63Shingobee TWPMN
63 year old Barbara Gartner, of Iowa City, and another unidentified person were riding on bicycles pedaling eastbound on the Heartland Bike Trail in Shingobee Twp in MN when she was struck crossing a road intersection around 5pm. Barbara suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to a hospital for treatment. No mention of the driver (only object blaming - Chevrolet Tahoe) UPDATE: turns out the cyclists failed to yield at a stop sign and the driver was a Cass County deputy. N alcohol was involved in the incident, and Gartner was not wearing a helmet.
  Injured 7/19/2022Michael McKinley WaterlooIA
Michael McKinley was heading south on W 11th in Waterloo at 5:50am when crossing an intersection and was struck by a small tan-colored sedan who was turning right, but didn't fully stop at a red light. The driver stopped to ask if he was okay an then fled the scene.
  Injured 7/9/2022Linda Boote45Sioux CenterIA
45-year-old Linda Boote of Sioux Center was riding northbound in a marked crosswalk when she was struck by 34 year old Norma Lopez-Chavez. Norma said she saw the cyclist and tried to swerve yet the cyclist struck the passenger side mirror and passenger side front door of Norma's truck. Linda was taken to the hospital. Lopez-Chavez was charged with failure to yield to pedestrian within an intersection and no valid driver’s license and sustained $2000 in automotive damages.
  Killed 7/1/2022James Deal57UrbandaleIA
42-year-old Brian Kirkman, was been charged with homicide by motor vehicle after police said he struck 57-year-old James Deal, of Des Moines with his car on July 1st. James died later than night at the hospital. Alcohol and impaired driving were involved in the case. UPDATE: On April 15th 2023 - the blood alcohol level was released (.363) - more than 4X the legal limit. driver was sentenced to 12 years (10 year vehicular homicide charge and two years on the OWI charge) Plus $150,000 in restitution to the family.
  Killed 6/16/2022Unknown Male9MacedoniaIA
A 9 year old boy riding his bicycle was struck in an intersection by a motorcycle operated by a 51-year-old male at 7:30pm. Paramedics administered life-saving measures and transported him to Mercy Hospital where he eventually passed. No other details.
  Injured 5/24/2022Unknown Male12Des MoinesIA
A 12-year-old boy rode his bike off the sidewalk and into the roadway, where he was hit by a car. The boy was alert and talking before being transported by ambulance to Blank Children’s Hospital. DMPD was investigating crash.
  Injured 5/18/2022Unknown Male8Storm LakeIA
A 17-year-old female struck an 8-year-old boy riding in the roadway. The boy was treated at the scene and taken to a local hospital. Teh drivers was cited for no valid driver’s license and driving with obstructed view (cracked windshield).
  Injured 5/18/2022Larry Loss63UrbandaleIA
Larry was riding East along the trail entered a crosswalk at the intersection of Meredith Avenue & 156th Street. A young male driver, looking down at his cell phone, made a right hand turn in front of Larry. Larry took evasive action to avoid being hit, but the driver had blocked his access to the bike trail and he hit the curb, and then into a concrete base of a utility pole. The driver did not stop, but other people did. He was transported to the hospital where he had 2 surgeries. He spent 17 days in the hospital and was off work for 2 months. There were no cameras in that intersection. There was no police report filed as there was no contact with the vehicle. This led Larry to begin advocating for cycling issues at the State Capitol which eventually led to becoming a board member of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition.
  Injured 5/10/2022William Russeff Jr62Mason CityIA
A vehicle/bicycle collision occured downtown Mason City around 3:41 am that sent the cyclist - 62 year old William Russeff Jr. to the hospital. The State Patrol says Russeff was wearing dark clothing and did not have the proper reflective equipment. Russeff was treated for his injuries at the hospital. The driver was not harmed.
  Injured 5/9/2022Trysten Armstrong11BloomfieldIA
Trysten Armstrong, age 11, of Bloomfield suffered abrasions to his face, arms, and legs when his bicycle was struck by a 19 year old diver from Milton who was cresting a hill and struck the rear tire of the bicycle in the middle of the intersection. The driver stopped and said she didn't see the cyclist. She was speeding and was cited for steering too closely to a bicycle.
  Injured 3/30/2022Roxana (Roxy) Fudge TucsonAZ
Two bicyclists are fighting for their lives after getting hit by a truck near Park Avenue and Ajo Way in Tucson on Wednesday, March 30. The Tucson Police Department said an elderly man and woman were on a tandem bike when they were hit. Both was transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. A truck turned right on Ajo and hit the couple. The cyclists were identified as Roxana (Roxy) Fudge and Lee Thorson. Roxy is the mother of Geoff Perrill of Geoff's Bike and Ski Shop in Iowa City. In late April they were transported home, but still require continuous support to safeguard the healing of their wounds. No information on the charges filed (if any) against the driver.
  Injured 3/30/2022Lee Thorson TucsonAZ
Two bicyclists are fighting for their lives after getting hit by a truck near Park Avenue and Ajo Way in Tucson on Wednesday, March 30. The Tucson Police Department said an elderly man and woman were on a tandem bike when they were hit. Both was transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. A truck turned right on Ajo and hit the couple. The cyclists were identified as Roxana (Roxy) Fudge and Lee Thorson. Roxy is the mother of Geoff Perrill of Geoff's Bike and Ski Shop in Iowa City. In late April they were transported home, but still require continuous support to safeguard the healing of their wounds. No information on the charges filed (if any) against the driver.
  Injured 2/16/2022Unknown Female57MauiHI
A 57 year old Iowa woman sustained life-threatening injuries after crashing head-on into a Jeep while riding a bicycle on Maui around 11am on a Wednesday. Investigators say she lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic, colliding with Jeep. Investigators say she was wearing a helmet and Alcohol, drugs, and speeding are not suspected to be a cause in the crash. The Jeep driver was not injured. No other information has been released about this incident.
  Killed 12/25/2021Terry Zabokrtsky76WalfordIA
Terry was struck from behind Linn Benton Road at 4:30pm on Christmas day. Authorities do not mention a driver - only a 2017 Silver Escape. news also stated the cyclist collided with the vehicle and this was later retracted. Terry was pronounced dead at the scene. no further updates.
  Killed 11/30/2021Elijah Peters10Le MarsIA
Elijah was riding westbound crossing the street from the sidewalk area when he pedaled into the path of 21-year-old Diego Gomez driving northbound. The crash happened at about 5:12pm Tuesday afternoon on Business Highway 75. No further updates. Peters was transported to a local hospital where he died from his injuries.The accident remains under investigation.
  Injured 11/23/2021Unknown Male Ottumwa IA
Ottumwa police officers responded to a bicycle/auto crash at 1:30 pm Tuesday at the intersection of Milner and Hamilton streets. The cyclist was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Police say the driver was cited for running a stop sign and operating a vehicle without insurance.
  Killed 10/27/2021Unknown Female38Joshua TreeCA
A 38 year old Iowa woman was killed after being struck by an 80-year-old driver in Joshua Tree California. According to the California Highway Patrol, the driver was driving westbound on SR 62. The cyclist was struck from behind as the driver made an unsafe turning movement onto the shoulder. We have not been able to identify who the cyclist was.
  Injured 9/28/2021Unknown person Cedar RapidsIA
A cyclist riding a bicycle was hospitalized on Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of 3rd Ave and 10th St SE. The cyclist was taken to a local hospital for what officers described as non-life-threatening injuries. The driver stayed on the scene.
  Injured 9/26/2021Juvenile Male12Storm LakeIA
A 12-year-old, was struck by Angela Sanchez of Storm Lake when police say the boy darted into the intersection while riding a bicycle. The 12 year old was transported to a Storm Lake hospital for treatment. No charges have been filed for the incident.
  Killed 9/23/2021Mark W. Adkins58NewtonIA
Mark was struck from behind on highway S-74 South shortly after 7pm. It was reported he was riding in the middle of the highway with no lights, reflectors or reflective gear. Mark was lifeflighted to Des Moines where he was pronounced dead. ISP was called in to assist with the investigation.
  Killed 9/19/2021Eric Christopher Lindberg55UrbandaleIA
Eric was hit from behind in the 8500 block of Meredith Drive a little after 7am on a Sunday morning. It was Eric's birthday. He was killed by a 67 year old driver from West Des Moines. Eric survived two deployments to Iraq, but didn't survive a bicycle ride in his hometown on his birthday.
  Killed 9/3/2021Lorna Moss69HullIA
Lorna was riding her bike a little before 6 p.m. Friday when she was struck from behind by 27-year-old Seth DeJong. Deputies suspected that De Jong was under the influence of alcohol. De Jong was transported to the Sioux County Jail where he was charged with homicide by vehicle caused by operating while intoxicated and homicide by vehicle caused by reckless driving." The driver later pled not guilty and was released from jail on a $20k bond. UPDATE April 19th 2022 After a series of continuances, a plea agreement was reached. De Jong pleaded guilty to homicide by vehicle due to reckless driving. Sentencing has been scheduled for July 18 2022, at which time Sailer will rule on accepting or rejecting the plea agreement. As part of the plea agreement, the charge of homicide by vehicle caused by operating while under the influence would be dismissed. The state is recommending De Jong be placed in the custody of the Iowa Department Corrections for an indeterminate term not to exceed 10 years and pay $150,000 in restitution to Moss’ estate or heirs, a $5,000 fine, a $750 surcharge and $100 in court-related costs.
  Killed 8/18/2021Robin Faught58Clear LakeIA
94-year-old Carroll Etchen of Clear Lake was driving south on Grouse Avenue in Clear Lake around 11:15 am when the she struck a 58-year-old cyclist also traveling southbound in the same lane. No updates.
  Killed 6/15/2021Melissa Ristau65Fort DodgeIA
Melissa was pronounced dead at the scene after she was struck by a truck while crossing the street riding a trike Tuesday morning, according to the Fort Dodge Police Department. The 18-year-old driver turned northbound right into Melissa. Due to the nature of the incident, the Iowa State Patrol was contacted and will be assisting with the investigation moving forward. No updates since.
  Killed 6/5/2021James Powell62Mason CityIA
James Powell, 62, of Mason City died from his injuries on June 11 after he was struck on June 5 by Cody William Skiye, 28, who was traveling southbound on Thrush Avenue. James was also traveling southbound, had proper lighting that was in accordance with the Iowa traffic code. After investigation, Skiye was arrested for OWI 2nd offense, an aggravated misdemeanor, making a false report to law enforcement, no insurance, and operating a motor vehicle too closely to a bicycle. About a month later, Cody was charged with homicide by vehicle while operating under the influence after a collision that resulted in the death of a cyclist. UPDATE 6/28/22 - Cody William Skiye, 29 of Mason City, was charged with homicide by vehicle-OWI for the death of James Powell. Court documents state Skiye had a blood alcohol content of .222 when he was driving the pickup truck that hit Powell on June 5, 2021. Skiye has entered an Alford plea to a reduced charge of unintentionally causing serious injury by OWI. An Alford plea means he does not admit guilty but will accept sentencing.
  Killed 6/3/2021Alex Marietta40DavenportIA
"Alex Marietta (a male), 40, of Geneseo, IL, was riding his bicycle southbound on Davenport Avenue at 3:02 p.m.on June 3rd, 2021 when he was struck by Bobby Fitzgerald Hunt Jr., 33, of Davenport. Bobby failed to stop for a red light. Bobby was charged with one count each of homicide by vehicle, reckless driving, leaving the scene of a fatality crash, and interference with official acts. UPDATE May 11th 2022 A Scott County jury in March 2022 found Bobby guilty of those charges and was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the homicide by vehicle-driving under the influence, a consecutive sentence of 15 years for homicide by vehicle-reckless driving, and another consecutive 15 years for leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death. (50 years) Bobby must serve 70% of the first 40 years of his sentence (that is 28 years), plus three years minimum on the last 15-year sentence, for a minimum of 31 years, before he can become eligible for parole."
  Injured 5/16/2021Larry Ritland73Cedar RapidsIA
Larry was doing everything right - riding on a street with low traffic, he a headlight, tailight, high visibility clothing and still got leveled by a pick-up on a Sunday afternoon. The driver rolled through a stop sign and was speeding up when he hit Larry. Larry sustainied road rash, bruises and a fractured bone in his foot. His bike was totaled. The driver stopped and was cooperative and apologetic and Larry called 911. No word on charges. Ironically Larry crossed the entire USA by bicyucle last year accident-free only to be hit in his hometown.
  Injured 5/16/2021Ed H. Des MoinesIA
Ed was struck by a vehicle on the corner of Hickman and SE Alice Road. A fellow cyclist stayed with him until the ambulance arrived. No other details regarding injuries or fault are known.
  Injured 5/7/2021Ann Knupp57SpringvilleIA
Ann Knupp, 57 of Springville was struck by Cynthanee Heeren, 26, from Central City sending Ann into the east ditch of Whittier RD. Ann was life-flighted to U of I Hospital with serious injuries. No word on charges.
  Injured 4/22/2021unknown male juvenile  DavenportIA
A juvenile was injured when a suspect open-fired at a group of young boys on their bicycles. He was treated and released from the hospital. This was the same incident where 12-year-old Devell Johnson Junior was killed by the gunfire. Police believe a car pulled up when the boys were riding bikes in an alley and opened fire. Investigators do not believe this was a random act of violence and are asking for the public's help in trying to solve the crime.
  Killed 4/22/2021Devell Johnson Junior12DavenportIA
12-year-old Devell Johnson Junior was killed by the gunfire in Davenport when a suspect fired at a group of young boys on their bicycles. Another juvenile was treated and released from the hospital with minor injuries. Police believe a car pulled up when the boys were riding bikes in an alley and opened fire. Investigators do not believe this was a random act of violence and are asking for the public's help in trying to solve the crime.
  Injured 4/7/2021Andrew Pavlovec36CoralvilleIA
Andrew Pavlovec, 36 of Coralville was hit from behind by a 16 year old driver at 6am on a Wednesday morning. Andrew was transported to U of I hospital with serious injuries and died 2 days later. Police state the fatal crash is under investigation. UPDATE (1 month later) May 5th 2021 - Coralville Police Chief stated the vehicle traveling more than 20 miles per hour over the posted 35 mile-per-hour speed limit and the 16-year-old female driver was "actively using a social media application" when the crash happened. The teenager has been charged with vehicular homicide. Her name has not been released due to state law. When Andy died, he left behind two sons, 14 and 11 years old. Recycling was important to Andy and something he instilled in his kids, so it wasn’t too surprising for his family to learn he was a registered organ donor. Andy’s liver, heart, kidneys, and lungs were used in five life-saving transplants.
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  Injured 12/25/2020unknown male58ProtivinIA
A 58-year-old man was on a bicycle when he was struck by a car around 2 a.m. Friday morning. It was a hit and run. Car parts left at the scene identified the car as a 2003-2007 Cadillac CTS with front end damage. The cyclist was taken to a hospital in Cresco and then transferred to Mayo Clinic with serious injuries. The Howard County Sheriff's Office was still looking for the driver.
  Killed 12/21/2020unknown male46DavenportIA
At 10pm Davenport police responded to a head-on crash. A car was traveling west-bound and was struck by a motorized bicycle traveling against traffic going the wrong way on the one way street. The bicyclist was identified as a 46-year-old man from Davenport who was prnounced dead at the hospital as a result of his injuries.
  Killed 12/1/2020June Darlene Judd82DanvilleIA
June was heading east in the outside lane of the old highway 34 when dump truck being driven by Marvin Jon Roy Creelman, 73, of Burlington, was traveling the same direction in the inside lane. June veered into Marvin's lane, he crossed the center line in an effort to avoid her. June continued into the inside lane and struck the dump truck. She was life-flighted to the U of I hospital when she died the next day.
  Killed 11/6/2020Steven Towne49TiffinIA
Steven Towne, 49 from Tiffin died on Sunday afternoon following a bicycle crash at Tiffin City Park. He riding an electric mountain bike on the bike trail when he lost control and struck a bridge railing. Towne was not wearing a helmet and died at the scene.
  Killed 11/6/2020Desean Hoffman16EsthervilleIA
Desean Hoffman, 16, of Estherville died Saturday from injuries received after being struck by a car Friday evening around 6pm. The driver Gary Clymer, 66, of Estherville flagged down another driver to call 911 after he struck Desean from behind. Desean was transported to a local hospital then airlifted to South Dakota when he died of his injuries the next day. The accident remains under investigation at this time.
  Injured 9/7/2020Kelly Swanncut53SpencerIA
35-year-old Jesse Dammann of Spencer was traveling southbound on South Grand Avenue. As he approached the intersection, he observed a tipped over motorcycle on the east side of the road. When Damann looked back, he has struck 53-year-old Kelly Swanncut also of Spencer who was cycling through a cross walk. Damann says he did not see the crosswalk sign flashing. Teh driver stopped and aided the cyclist until police arrived. Swancutt was taken to Spencer Hospital and treated for a head wound and other injuries. There are no charges or citations being issued at this time.
  Injured 8/27/2020Mason Gravely32KnoxvilleIA
Mason was on a cross country bicycle tour promoting the Athletic Brewing Company from Stratford Conneticut. Mason was hit in the back by a passing Ford F150 along Hwy 92/5 between Knoxville and Pleasantville. He didn't get the gender or age of the driver but he was positive that the brake lights never engaged and there was no swerving or sudden movement of the driver to indicate an accidental or surprising collision. He believes the driver meant to buzz him and realized they hit me and decided to leave the scene before facing charges. the side mirrow busted off the truck. Mason was bruised up and sore, but still able to keep riding. A police report was filed and no further details.
  Killed 8/10/2020Thomas Rowland63SolonIA
Thomas Rowland, 63, of Solon died during the deracho when he was riding on a bike trail when a tree fell on him as strong storms ripped through Eastern Iowa. Thomas sustained severe injuries that ultimately led to his death on the scene.
  Killed 8/9/2020Nicole Kulaszewski18WaterlooIA
Nicole Kulaszewski, 18, of Waterloo was was heading home from a friend’s house at about 2 a.m. and was riding was riding EAST in the westbound lanes of Broadway Street when a car, driven by Cameron Stillwell, 26, of Waterloo, was traveling WEST in the westbound lanes when she struck Nicole head-on. Cameron pulled over, called 911 and told police she didn’t see the cyclist. Nicole was airlifted to Iowa City where she was later pronounced dead.
  Injured 8/7/2020Trevor Brunsvold24Mason CityIA
About 10am Traci Redeker of Manly struck struck cyclist Trevor Brunsvold, 24, of Mason City with the side mirror of her vehicle, throwing him from his bike. Redeker stated she did not see Brunsvold on the roadway. She transported Brunsvold to MercyOne in Mason City for his injuries. The two were both traveling south on Highway 65. Redeker was charged with operating a vehicle too close to a bicyclist. The incident remains under investigation.
  Killed 8/1/2020Ellen Bengtson28Charles CityIA
Ellen, 28, was riding her bike in Charles City when she was struck by Colby Elliott, age 43, of Clarksville at approx. 7:40pm. Ellen was air-lifted to MercyOne in Mason City, where she died from her injuries. Ellen was an environmental engineer at Cambrex Charles City having earned her Bachelor’s Degree in chemical engineering from Yale University and her Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University in New York. She was originally from Richland, Washington when she moved to Charles City for the job at Cambrex. The crash remains under investigation.
  Killed 7/31/2020Stephen McDonald52KnoxvilleIA
Stephen McDonald, 52, from Jackson WY was struck from behind by Tiffany Turner, age 33, from Knoxville. Stephen was killed just north of the Highway G44 intersection at approx 8 am. Both the cyclist and car were traveling southbound. Stephen was declared dead at the scene. Stephen was on a tour across the US and biked nearly everywhere while he lived in Jackson since moving here in the 1990s. Has was married with four children. He was a longtime bootfitter at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and ran for Mayor of Jackson WY twice. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office and Iowa State Patrol are investigating.
  Killed 7/31/2020Blake Corporon20Cedar RapidsIA
Blake Corporon, 20, died in a bike accident near Dry Creek in Cedar Rapids. He suffered severe injuries from crashing into rocks off the bike trail. His family says he loved to ride his bike along that area. Police are still investigating it as an unattended death.
  Injured 7/23/2020Unidentifed Juvenile16WaterlooIA
A 16-year-old boy was hit in Waterloo on a sidewalk about 3 pm when a car, driven by Kevin Nobis, exited an alley and did not see the teen before hitting him. The teen was transported the hospital in Waterloo and then airlifted to the University of Iowa Hospitals. Nor word on injuires and no charges have been filed. The police continue to investigate.
  Killed 7/21/2020Ricky Cullum63Fort DodgeIA
Ricky Cullum, 63, was riding his bicycle northbound on the sidewalk on Kenyon Road in fort Dodge. The driver, Joseph Johnson, 34, made a right hand turn when Cullum’s bicycle collided into the side of Johnson’s car. Cullum was air lifted to a Des Moines hospital with life-threatening injuries and later died from the injuries a week later. No word on charges.
  Injured 7/17/2020Unidentified Female Juvenile DecorahIA
A female juvenile cyclist entered River Road in Decorah at 10am when 20-year-old Isabella Audetat of Wisconsin struck the cyclist. The driver was unable to stop. The cyclist was transported to the hospital. No updates on cyclist's condition, who was at fault if any charges were filed.
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