Type: Urban Trail

Length: 2 miles

Surface: Paved

it glows in the dark!!


Awesome Shape

Grade - Flat



This glowing trail is the longest glow-in-the-dark trail in the entire United States,

The trail is named after Vinton City Council Member Nathan Hesson. Hesson passed away in January and "championed" the glowing trail project. Plus, part of the trail goes by his home so it's a nice tribute.

“15 minutes a day in the sun gives you 15 hours of light for 20 years,” Boggess said. “We’ll let the stone light do the work and not flood it with any other sources of light for now.”

Location - Where is this Trail?

In Vinton Iowa  - a small town located between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids.


The trail is located on the south end of town near the high school where it continues southward into the countryside before making a loop back toward the baseball complex.

Sites & Attractions

History of the Trail

The trail was completed in July of 2021 and is named in honor of Vinton councilmember Nathan Hesson who was a huge supporter of the trail and the economic benefit such a unique attraction might have for this small but charming Iowa town.


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